Tuesday, 28 May 2013


 The liver is the major fat burning organ in the body and regulates fat metabolism. Liver filters the blood, cleaning out the toxins like drugs, undigested foods, alcohol, viruses, bacteria, ingested chemicals from your body. It is also involved in metabolism, hormone balance, and immune functions. Many people struggle with excessive weight and sluggish metabolism. Whenever your liver is full of toxins, it becomes very challenging for your liver to burn fat. When the liver becomes clogged, every organ in your body is affected and efforts to lose weight are blocked. A clogged liver can cause raised blood pressure, water retention, and hormone imbalance, hypoglycemia which in turn can result in sugar cravings, weight gain, and Candida overgrowth. Common symptoms due to poor liver function are: Poor digestion, abdominal bloating, nausea, weight gain constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome, associated with abdominal swelling and flatulence, mood changes, depression, high blood pressure, water retention, chronic fatigue syndrome and unstable blood sugar levels.Some ways you can improve your liver health for weight loss are:1. Reduce or eliminate processed foods.
2. Drink 8-12 glasses of water daily.
3. Monitor meat and dairy intake.
4. Avoid Eating Large Amounts of Sugar.
5. Exercise.
6. Do Not Eat if You Feel Stressed.
Eating healthy is about removing all the toxins from your body so you can live in health, emotional wellness and spiritual connectedness.


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