Monday, 20 May 2013

What IS Yoga?

Yoga is basically a lifestyle and a way of life. Yoga, with its focus on stretching and compressing every part of the body, is particularly well-suited to keeping the waste-removal parts of the body functioning well. It aids in mental detox as well. Challenging yoga poses can also raise the emotions. You will notice (during your yoga session) that some areas of your body respond easily, while others remain less accessible. Certain poses and sequences create different experiences and different emotions.  Asanas are triggers for emotions to be released (pent up emotions are held in the internal organs). They help us move within our body, and help to connect the body with the mind.
By releasing our negative emotions we become centred, relaxed and happy. The spinal twist assists your body in gently squeezing and moving the toxins through your body. Twisting positions help in untangling the knots and twists of life. Inverted asanas help purify the mind and bring peace.  If our minds are imbalanced then it is difficult to balance in one of the balancing positions. These postures help bring peace and balance to the mind and body. The forward bends force us to look inward at ourselves. We have to surrender if we are to relax in these positions. Your breathing is the key. Breathing brings the poses to life.
When emotions come up while doing an asana if it is mild then stay in the pose to let it out. If it is too much to deal with come out of the asana and do some deep breathing or a counter pose. If you are in a forward bend then a backward bends and vice versa. Ujjayi breathing can help to remove the tension. Don’t question whatever comes up just accept and let go.


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