Monday, 10 June 2013


Trouble in the stomach occurs when your body is tasked with digesting foods that require different processing times and enzymes all at once. Protein foods require a highly acidic environment for digestion while carbohydrates and fats require a more alkaline medium. Anytime two or more foods are eaten at the same time, and those foods require opposite conditions for digestion, the digestive process is compromised.  A balanced diet that consists of varied foods is important to provide all the essential nutrients your body requires for good health. Combining certain foods provides specific vitamins and minerals that enhance the absorption of other essential nutrients.

Eat fruits by themselves as they are the easiest foods for your body to digest and shouldn’t be combined with vegetables, proteins or grains, which consume more of your digestive energy. After eating fruit wait for 30-60 minutes before taking something else. Foods rich in Protein can be combined with most vegetables, but should not be combined with carbohydrates, acids, fats, or sugars during one meal. Starches should not be combined with acids and sugars including fruits. Starches usually combine well with vegetables. Combine grains with non starchy vegetables. Potatoes and rice, for instance, isn’t a good match. When a carbohydrate is eaten with a sugar, such as a cooked grain cereal with apple or banana, the carbohydrate and the sugar will both ferment. The result is gas and flatulence in the system. After a meal of grains, your body needs two to three hours to complete digestion. Your body takes two to four hours to digest a protein meal. Fats can be eaten with proteins and acids. Starches should not be combined with proteins. Some foods digest primarily in the stomach, others in the small intestine.

To plan a good food-combined meal, aim to eat either:  one protein meal with vegetables or salad, one starch meal with vegetables or salad, a fruit only meal.


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