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Each emotional thought pattern is really an underlying cause of a physical illness, understanding the addressing the cause will help rid the body of the disease. The most frequent causes of illness are negative attitudes and emotions. Those who are vulnerable to falling prey to the suggestion that illness is contagious will attract illness because they expect to be sick as a result of circumstances. Every illness or disorder is actually your body trying to remind you to love yourself.  Our body reflects our emotions. We are made up of energy and if our grid gets injured the energy will be stored in a certain spot thereby hindering the free flow of energy in the meridian.
Illnesses and Their Hidden Meanings:
  • Liver problems are associated with deep anger and chronic fault finding with others or yourself.
  • Lung problems are associated with an inability to take in life or being smothered.
  • Skin problems are associated with being out of touch with ourselves or others or being too sensitive.
  • Heart Diseases are associated with people who tend to over commit and push themselves too hard.
  • Cancer occurs when there are strong feelings of abandonment, betrayal and fear of being alone.
  • Diabetes is caused when there is a chronic feeling of despair and hopelessness.
  • Headaches come from Self-criticism- Not wanting to accept what is going on.
  • Being Overweight happens when there is fear and there is a need for emotional protection.
To rid yourself of your illness note where in the body is the illness or disease is lodged, what function that part of the body has, converse with that body part, find out what you should do to get rid of the issue. Trust your intuition here. Once you clear old issues, it gets easier to clear the newer ones as you are aware of what they are.  Your mental state is a responsible for your good health. You can choose to adjust it in the direction of perfect health, or in the direction of illness, the choice is yours.


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