Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The benefits of Ginger!

Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries. Studies show the important health benefits of ginger. Aside of a host of medical issues it treats, ginger is particularly amazing with putting a lid on the multiplication of various kinds of cancer cells.
Ginger stimulates appetite, fights body odour, effective cure for nausea, morning sickness, reduces pain and inflammation, can be used as a treatment for colds and the flu, migraine relief, beneficial to prevent constipation. It is also a good remedy to treat diarrhoea, and also brings in relief for those who suffer menstrual cramps, and is helpful in curing irregular menstrual cycles, especially among teenage girls.
Ginger is an amazing remedy in lowering cholesterol, reduces toothaches, relieves gas and bloating and is useful in the treatment of gall stones. Fresh ginger juice when applied to minor burns as well as skin irritations provides immediate relief ginger oil is used in spas for a refreshing effect, reduces arthritic pain.  To cure sore throats, Ginger is exceptionally helpful. Boil water, and add a dash of cinnamon, a little piece of ginger, and about 1 tsp honey and drink it up! When you have severe stomach ache due to food poisoning or digestive problems, Peal ginger, crush it add little water squeeze juice out of ginger add honey. This helps with metabolism and improves digestion.
Ginger is the perfect panacea for pain from arthritis. Nine compounds found in ginger have been known as capable of binding to human serotonin receptors, possibly helping to affect anxiety. Ginger has been found effective in treating nausea caused by seasickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy. It is a perfectly safe remedy for nausea relief during pregnancy.
 Imagine the power of a tiny piece of ginger- What an amazing root it is!
So how do you use the power inside this amazing root? Ginger can be freshly grated and used in cooking quite easily.
Here’s a simple recipe to incorporate Ginger in your daily eating habits. The recipe hinges on the fact that ginger is an ideal additive to tea. So here goes!
  • Crush a few cloves of garlic and some grated ginger.
  • Boil in water in a small saucepan.
  • After it has boiled for a few minutes, pour into a mug.
  • Stir a spoonful of honey into the tea.
  • Squeeze a wedge of lemon into it.
An alternative Option: You can soak a few pieces of grated ginger in water. Leave overnight, add this to the water in which you add tea leaves and boil. You can have it with a dash of lime or with milk and sugar.


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