Friday, 28 June 2013


The real healing power resides within oneself, and any method that serves to arouse that inherent power will tend toward the cure. “I am completely healed” is an effective phrase to get the power of your mind working to heal your body. Our mind, specially the subconscious is a miraculous tool. Any disturbance in the mind causes disturbance in the body. If everything in the Universe is made of energy, and it can never be destroyed or created but can be transformed, then it is possible that thoughts can become reality. Your mind is an extremely powerful instrument that can be either a friend or foe. The critical factors that determine how healthy or how sick you are- your attitude, your social networks, and your beliefs.
When you believe something very strongly, you will resonate with that belief, both consciously and unconsciously. Since your unconscious mind interfaces with your body and immune system, the right sorts of beliefs can really activate your body’s healing powers.
Visualization, a form of self-hypnosis, is a tool anyone can use to help foster healing. It is based on the idea that your body and mind are connected. There is no perfect way to do visualization, each one’s experience is uniquely their own.
To enter into visualisation enter into a meditative state by gentle breathing exercise. The following complete the process.
  1.          Focus on relaxing all your muscles (head to toe, toe to head, etc.).
  2.          Imagine yourself in a very peaceful and relaxing environment, totally at peace.
  3.          Bring to mind a scene that soothes and calms you.
  4.         Mentally transport yourself to this scene.
  5.          Relax your body and let go of worrisome thoughts.
  6.       Now scan your body for areas of tension. If you notice an area of tension, breathe into the area and as you breathe out imagine releasing the tension. If the tension persists, tighten the area and hold it for several seconds then let it relax 
  7. Call for your God or guardian angels to heal you. Visualise healing take place for example if it is a pain visualise the healer healing the affected cells and bathing the site of pain with white healing light. You can ask for guidance on something that is concerning you. This guidance may come from within you or from anyone you want to ask. 
  8. Once you are ready, you can come back from this favourite place of yours. Be with yourself for sometime breathing gently, before opening your eyes


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