Saturday, 8 June 2013

What your food cravings mean?

It is a quiet afternoon and you are curled up with a book. Suddenly, you want something sweet. Your mind is craving it, and every pore of your existence wants you to reach and grab the bar of chocolate that is warming the bench in the fridge.

Before you decide to battle the symptom, take a moment to understand where it's coming from.

Stress is said to be the main cause of emotional eating. Lots of cravings can be psychological in nature. If you teach yourself to deal with stress in healthy ways, the cravings for unhealthy food will diminish.  It is very necessary for you to face the things that triggered the stress, allow yourself to feel and experience the stressful emotions and learn to process them. Chances are that you maybe abusing yourself with food. You can be craving unhealthy foods when certain emotions surface. The reason is that we often use food to “numb” ourselves whenever we experience emotions that we don’t like.

Energy-wise, craving sweet food indicates a weakness in the Earth energy. People who crave sweet food are hungry for love, passion and excitement. You may feel shame because you are overweight, so you reach for sweet food then. Craving for salty food corresponds to weakness in the Water element. If you crave salt, this could indicate that you have adrenal exhaustion. Craving for fried and greasy food indicates an imbalance in the wood element, to be more precise, it indicates“Liver Qi stagnation”.

People who crave high fat foods feel empty inside. Craving pungent foods indicate an imbalance in the metal element. It shows us that our weakness is to do with drawing boundaries, dealing with grief, and letting negative emotions go. If you are craving a “comfort food” you used to crave for before, or something special your mother used to make when you were little it indicates that you are having a psychologically-rooted craving. Identify your triggers and build awareness about your condition. Writing a diary each day can help you analyze yourself. Try massage as it stimulates feel good neurotransmitters. Emotional eating doesn’t have to persist. You can break free from the chains binding you and food.


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