Monday, 3 June 2013

Why should you exercise?
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If you thought physical exercise would just help you stay slim, fit and healthy physically, think again.

What you hear less about most often, is the fact that exercise has tremendous mental and psychological benefits. The first of these is an improved self-esteem. Exercise decreases the stress hormones in your body such as cortisol, and increases hormones such as endorphins which release adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine which are the body’s natural feel good chemicals. When these are released through exercise, your mood gets boosted. Take a person who exercises regularly and someone who doesn't. You'll be able to see a marked difference between the two in their manner of working and in their demeanour - with the regular exercising person being everything right from cheerful and happy to energetic and more result oriented. Confidence comes more naturally to one who exercises regularly. Don't believe me? Try it yourself!

Another benefit of physical exercise is the capacity to tackle pain. Exercising as I mentioned, releases endorphins. Besides being hormones that can help your energy levels, they are also great in masking pain by sedating the pain itself. Instead of taking an external agent in the form of tablets, or applying them in the form of ointments and sprays, things like menstrual cramps and asymptomatic body aches can be set alright with the help of a good exercise regime.

Lastly, Exercise alleviates your mood. When you are physically active with any form of exercise, the most immediate effect is the increased flow of oxygen and a rapid delivery of nutrients to the brain. Physical activity can help people recover from depressions faster. For people with mild or moderate depression, just 30 minutes of intense exercise can be as effective as medication for improving their moods. Simply put, those who get more exercise may become less affected by the stress of life!


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