Monday, 15 July 2013


Your Higher Self is your full potential, it is everything that you are and everything that you are capable of being. Your Higher Self operates at a higher level of understanding than you do,  it is you, your consciousness, in your body. Sometimes you can be alienated from your Higher Self when you see yourself as an inferior being or when there are other beliefs that block you from the truth of who you are. It is not separate from you, it is very much a part of you. In fact it is yourself at the purest level. You can talk to your Higher Self and ask it for direction on your life path, for suggestions and understanding and for what your life purpose is. Your higher self is your ultimate guide.
“Your most important work – that which is the very basis of your accomplishment, achievement and satisfaction from this life experience – is your finding your true sense of self. Once you accept the existence of your Inner Being (i.e., your Higher Self), you may recognize the tremendous reservoir of knowledge and clarity and strength that exists right now within you.” – Abraham-Hicks
To give you a better picture, visualize energy above your head about four feet which is always with you. It is with you when you come into this world and it will be with you when you leave this world. Try listening  to your higher self.  Sometimes it sounds like intuition or sometimes it sounds like a voice of someone warning you.


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