Tuesday, 24 November 2015

If I ask you who you are, what will you say? Will you tell me what your job is, what your interests are, whose son or daughter you are, and where you are from? Well, that’s only one part of who you are. The real story, is who you are within. It is the comprehensive unit that you comprise, along with your needs, desires, failings and habits. This understanding, is called Self-Awareness.
Self-Awareness is the single most important tool that can help you to find success in any area of your life. Awareness of self or Self-awareness is all about understanding your own needs, desires, failings, habits, why you feel what you feel and why you behave in a particular way and everything else that makes you, well, you. This will help you to make life changes life changes that will make your life easy. It is having a clear perception of who and what you are, including your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Why does Self-Awareness matter?
Self Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them. Awareness allows you to become proactive rather than reactive. It helps you accept your weaknesses. The moment you decide to accept your shortcomings and you will make a shift for the better.
Achieving self-awareness is challenging and a lifelong effort. Once you begin to understand this you can then make changes about yourself and create a life that you want. Self-awareness is important in our relationships, you can then acknowledge whatever you have done wrong or better still you will not do it at all, this will help you keep a harmonious social life. It can feel tough and overwhelming to increase awareness of something that feels so deeply ingrained. It takes courage to do this.
Self awareness is very essential for emotional intelligence. If you’re having problems with depression, anger, fear, sorrow, etc. self-awareness will be of great help . You can become aware of what you are going through, acknowledge it, process it and release it. You can rid yourself of many ailments!

Ready to become aware of yourself?
Self-awareness is not just about knowing yourself – but also about acknowledging, accepting and evolving with that knowledge. Let’s try this simple exercise. Take a sheet of paper and write down 10 things you are good at. Draw a line under it, and now, in this segment, write down 10 things you are not good at.
Which one do you write faster?
If you found the first one coming in quicker, hold on. It is important that you see your flaws and improve on them. No one is free of flaws, and perfection is an illusion – your goal is not to obliterate flaws, but to manage them in a way that it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.
If you found your negative things coming in fast, work on your self-esteem and appreciating yourself. If you do not appreciate yourself and acknowledge what you are good at, no one else will.

Remember. Awareness, like charity, starts from within. 


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