Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Why do you fall ill?
Have you never wondered why after spending so much money on your illness your condition

Or maybe the problem was resolved but came back later.

Illness is looked upon  as something begins when an individual has faced a shocking situation, this shock which is picked by the heart and then transported to the brain and depending on how we perceive the situation  the brain  decides which organ is most suited to handle the shock, this energy then lodges itself in that organ. 

This  happens instantaneously from the time  the shocking incident occurred  till the time  this  conflict is resolved.  

If for example a man loses his job suddenly with no knowledge about it- if he perceives it as something where he feels a lack of self esteem, where he feels that he is not good enough then his bones may get affected, if on the other hand for him this situation brings up a starvation conflict, how will I feed my family, his liver can get affected.

There are some illnesses which could occur when an individual is in the stress phase and some happen after he has resolved the issue. We have come across many situations where say somebody is ill you go about doing everything perfectly and later when the person is recovered fully, you realize you have some health issue.

So to get back to health you will need to  address the shock you experienced, clearing  the triggers, emotions, beliefs and thoughts associated with it and allowing the body to go  through to the healing process and to wellness.


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