Saturday, 7 July 2018

Forgiveness and letting go

Forgiveness is very complex and there is not one of us who does not have someone to forgive .If we have gone through a bitter experience with another, it practically will be next to impossible to forget the incident even though you may have forgiven the person. 

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting the incident but remembering it sans the bitterness. Once you have forgiven, the emotion attached to that incident is released and thereby you rid yourself of illness which that particular emotion may have caused, since all illness is caused by your thought and emotions. 

Cry when you are sad-even if you don’t have a shoulder to cry on. Connect to the pain you feel when crying and expend the pent up sorrow inside you. Punch a pillow if you are angry- yell, shout, and shriek alongside the punching. 

Go through whatever it is that made you angry as you punch. A good workout is a stress buster so is writing. take some paper and just keep writing , don’t reason just write whatever comes to your mind, they can be unrelated could be something from the past or something to do with your future but just keep going till you have nothing more to pen. Tear up the paper/papers burn them up and flush down the ashes. 

Another technique is to light a candle in the southwest end of your room, keep a bowl of rock salt next to it , sit before the candle and say all that you have to till you run out of anything to say. Flush the rock salt taking care not to spill any. Art is a wonderful channel to let go of negative emotions. Be it drawing painting, playing an instrument or even listening to music –but make sure that you don’t listen to music that further deepens the negative emotion you are going through.


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