Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Repressing emotions can cause physical illness. Our bodies were not meant to hold on to and suppress intense emotion. 

Unresolved feelings create blockages in the body’s energy system which in turn weakens the immune system, and this can manifest as pain, or other physical symptoms. 95% of all illness has an emotional component. 

Every time we revisit the memory of a traumatic event from the past, our cellular memory responds and fills our bodies with hormones which affects our immune system. 

Your cells and your body respond to every thought you think, every emotion you have and every word you speak Energy has to move. 

If it is blocked due to your emotional disturbances the other parts do not get the energy in the way they should. Nutrient transport, respiration, detoxification, elimination, digestion, assimilation, hormone production and brain function become affected leading to a gradual degeneration in your system. This results in dis-ease. 

Cancer is found in people who carry deep anger for either themselves or resentment for other people and circumstances that occurred in the past. They carry hatred for a long period of time until it literally starts eating away at the body and manifests as cancer. Imbalance between your rational mind and your emotions will cause digestive disorders. Arthritis is bottled-up hurt. . Excessive or prolonged fear drains the Kidneys. 

Anger affects the Liver. Sadness affects the Lungs. Excessive anxiety causes spleen energy to stagnate. Your legs, calves and feet store your trauma, resentment, jealousy, and emotional pain of the past and present.

 Being emotionally and mentally healthy doesn’t mean never going experiencing emotional problems. People with good emotional health have an ability to bounce back from adversity, trauma and stress. Don’t let stress and negative emotions build up. Learn to let go. Releasing old emotions will cause shifts in your energy fields and thus free up the energy blockages that you may have. Forgiveness is the master healer. Break the pattern of negative emotions. 

Release your inflexibility. The more you learn to love yourself, the easier it is to love others. Love is the most powerful energy of healing on earth.  Meditation is an ideal tool to achieve serenity. Thus the mind and the body are clearly connected and what we think affects how we feel and how we feel effects health.  We are blessed today with simple, inexpensive, techniques that can revolutionize our sense of wellness and shift the patterns that trap us in chronic illness.


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