Thursday, 8 November 2018

Life Purpose
Have you ever wondered what the true meaning of life is? Have you found yourself pondering over what the purpose of your life is? 

Some people are lucky enough to find a life purpose, while some move through life without one. Having a life purpose makes you stay focused, gives you clarity, and makes you look forward to life. 

Why does a life purpose matter? 

Most people don’t think about their life purpose. And yet, it is important. To put it simply, your life purpose is something that you do or aspire to do, that is very important and dear to you. Not having a life purpose will affect your relationships, people sense that lack of drive in you and relationships will just fizzle out. Living your life purpose will impact your life hugely on the positive side, there is so much to look forward to that your life shifts gears on a positive note. 

Don’t limit yourself to only one purpose, just do all the things you love. Enjoy the journey into your awesome life. Think about it: life seems different when there is a purpose to it. There is something to look forward to, maybe some challenges to overcome, and life takes on a new meaning. You look forward to attending to your life purpose. You wake up every morning with a sense of hope, excitement, and optimism, and a drive to achieve the goal. 

Once you reach your goal, don’t stop there! Expand your goal, and seek to achieve more. 

Finding your life purpose 

Live your life and set your goals based on what you want and not what others want. If you are busy worrying about what others want you to do, that is when it ceases to be your focal point of living. Find out what your true passion is. Ask yourself what you can do really easily. Think of everything that gave you immense happiness and tune into the now. Do these things give you the same happiness? How will it be if you were to pursue these things now? If it gives you the same joy, pursue it! 

Jack Canfield says, “If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.” For some people, their purpose maybe connected to some vocation, while to other people, family responsibilities may be a life purpose. For some, religion or maybe a mixture of all of these things, or something entirely different. 

If you know and follow your life purpose, you will open yourself up to possibilities that you never thought existed before.


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