Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The joy of getting

“Give without expectation and receive with reckless abandon.”
Colleen Mariotti, Livology: A Global Guide to a Deliberate Life

We have been taught to be conditional from a very young age and that is one of the reasons why we find it easy to give than to receive. We have been told that it is wrong to take something from anybody or that we should give and not receive  or that the other person giving you something must be having an ulterior motive in doing so, so we step back to protect ourselves. 

When we give, we operate from a place of control, sometimes making the receiver powerless based on the situation. The best in this situation is to receive what the other party has to offer, even if it is only a “Thank You.” Because in only giving and not receiving, there will be an energy imbalance. Work on issues where you were told that it is best to give and wrong to receive. 

Just consider this. If everybody only gave and nobody received, what will happen? 

Even receiving helps you clear blocks could be for you or the giver or both. Even if it is a compliment, instead of negating it, just accept it. Who knows what you are going to clear! Most of us have self esteem issues which we can resolve by accepting what comes our way. At the same time, we should be open to receiving negative stuff and brickbats, as well. 

Some of us probably do not want to receive gifts or compliments due to fear of something negative being given. But that again opens us to possibilities of bettering ourselves. By receiving, we do not become inferior to anyone, in fact there is much joy in receiving as in giving.

Here is a case study to prove my point. A client came to me with water retention. It involved a lot of deep questioning, which led to her sharing her story.  When she was a child, she was given a gift by her father’s employee. When he gave her the gift, he had wrapped himself in a blanket and was sneezing and coughing. Nothing wrong with this, right? 

But this little girl and the other students in her class, were told by their teacher not to go near people who were ill. They were made to believe that people who were ill were wrapped in shawls or blankets as they may have had leprosy. They were told that if they went near people with leprosy, they could contract leprosy, too. 

After a few days, this girl fell ill and her mom was angry that she had played with a friend who had the flu and told her that she had “got”  it from her. Her mom warned her, saying that if she went near or spoke to anyone ill, she would fall ill, too. She was not to go near them, not to see them, or visit them. 

The girl became a recluse and got very frightened when she spoke or saw an ill person and applied every other person’s illness to herself. She lived in total isolation, which was self-imposed, and this led to a number of symptoms, of which water retention was one. 

From here, working together on her healing was a very easy journey. Today, she is a happy person with a lot of friends.


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